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Wildflowers Collection – our best 2024 Wall Planners yet!

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Ever feel like you're juggling too many balls at once? Like there's never enough hours in the day to tick off your tasks? We've been there! So, strap in friends! We're about to explore our best 2024 wall planners yet! 

Fortunately, I've stumbled upon a practical yet stylish remedy – the mighty wall planner! What's even better? A beautifully designed, sustainably made wall planner!

Imagine this: Your 2024 looks sleek and sorted, with every important date right up on the wall where you can see them. No more forgotten appointments or last-minute scrambles. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Our Wildflowers Collection of yearly wall planners designs not only keep you sorted throughout 2024 but also spruce up your workspace. Dive into the world of wall planners with us…

Notely 2024 wall planner in A1 landscape size

Unveiling our best 2024 Wall Planners yet

We're beyond thrilled to lift the curtain on our latest lineup of wall planners for 2024. As part of Notely's commitment to blending practicality with creative flair, we've launched a range that will help you stay organised while bringing beauty into your workspace.

This year's collection is rooted in an ethos close to our hearts — reconnecting people with nature through stationery. Our founder, Jenica Smith, has been hiding away in her studio, painting and dreaming of blooming fields of flowers. She's captured this sentiment by hand-painting a stunning field of wildflowers as the backdrop for each planner.

A glimpse at our new collection

Inspired by vibrant fields of flowers, and designed keeping functionality in mind, we'd like to introduce: The A1 Landscape and A2 Portrait wall planners from our new Wildflowers Collection.

The A1 Landscape Planner, boasting generous dimensions perfect for larger spaces and and to equip you for yearly planning. But if space is a bit tight or you prefer vertical layouts, then check out the equally captivating A2 Portrait Planner.

Eco-friendly stationery with purpose

Our stationery and wall planners are proudly designed and printed in Australia. We support local and hope you will too! 

Notely's stationery isn't just about organising your life; it's about making a difference. We're planting a tree with every purchase, so why not join us in replanting the planet, one note at a time?

Notely's 2024 Wall Planner Collection

Hello to our planner lovers. We're excited to reveal our 2024 Wall Planner Collection. These aren't just your average planners. They are art calendars that add a splash of colour and creativity to any workspace and your wall.

The spotlight is on two stellar designs (our best yet!) – the A1 Landscape and the A2 Portrait wall planners. Each one unique, brimming with personality and practicality – your new best friend for 2024!

A closer look

Let's start with our A2 Portrait 2024 Wall Planner. This beauty features an artistic field of wildflowers painting by Notely founder Jenica Smith. It offers ample space for noting down important dates or events throughout the calendar year. Perfect if you want something compact yet functional.

Moving onto its big brother, our A1 Landscape 2024 Wall Planner. Larger in size, this stunner carries over the same captivating floral design but gives more room for those who love extra writing space.

If you're after a 2023/24 Financial Year Wall Planner, we have those too! It features our collaboration with Australian illustrator Anna Manolatos.

2024 yearly wall planners

Our wall planners aren’t just visually pleasing; they’re practical too. Think about them as complete organisers—where everything’s in plain sight and easy to manage.

Both the A2 Portrait and A1 Landscape wall planners have been designed with ample writing space for all your important dates. They also come with an overview of Australian public holidays because we know you love a good long weekend as much as we do. We've lined up the weekends across the months, to allow you to plan and see your weeks at a glance.

Sustainable planners for your wall

We’re not just about looking pretty; at Notely, we take sustainability seriously. So our 2024 Wall Planner Collection is printed on 200gsm card stock that's recycled, 100% post-consumer waste.

Detailed review of Notely's A2 Portrait 2024 Wall Planner

With a fresh new year on the horizon, it’s time to introduce our stunning A2 Portrait 2024 wall planner. This calendar isn't merely a utilitarian tool, but an aesthetic enhancement to your environment which allows you to monitor your life with ease.

This wall planner is part of our exclusive Wildflowers Collection. It features an exquisite field-of-flowers painting by Jenica Smith, the founder of Notely herself. Every brushstroke carries her passion for art and love for nature, creating an inspirational backdrop for planning out your days.

Notely A2 yearly wall planner for 2024 with Wildflowers artwork

The dimensions & layout

The dimensions are perfectly suited for those with limited space but big plans. The compact A2 size (42cm x 59.4cm) allows it to fit comfortably in various spaces without overwhelming them.

Despite its modest size, there's plenty of room to jot down important dates and reminders thanks to its clean layout design. Each day box provides ample writing space so no event or deadline will be missed.

Eco-friendly materials

In line with our commitment towards sustainability at Notely, this wall planner doesn’t compromise when it comes to being eco-conscious either. Made from FSC-certified, 100% post-consumer waste, recycled thick paper and printed with vegetable-based inks – we've got Mother Nature covered too.

Suitability & functionality

No matter if you're scheduling meetings in the office or keeping track family events at home - this versatile piece can do both stylishly and efficiently.

As someone who has personally used these planners before, I can vouch for their practicality. They've become an essential tool in organizing my work and personal life, while also adding a dash of creativity to my workspace.

So if you're after something more than just a basic wall planner - one that combines aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability – then the A2 Portrait 2024 Wall Planner from Notely is worth considering.

Close up of the Notely 2024 wall planner in A1 landscape size

Detailed review of Notely's A1 Landscape 2024 Wall Planner

If you're on the hunt for a wall planner that marries functionality with aesthetics, look no further than Notely's A1 Landscape 2024 Wall Planner. This masterpiece isn't just a calendar—it's an artwork in itself.

Created by our founder, Jenica Smith, this stunner is part of the new Wildflowers Collection. The hand-painted field of flowers design will transform any space into an art gallery.

The size and layout

First off, let’s talk size. The A1 landscape layout offers plenty of room to jot down your important dates without cramping up your style. It measures at a generous 841mm x 594mm—so there'll be no squinting involved when checking out what's coming up next week.

This planner has been designed with efficiency and convenience in mind, providing ample space to easily plan out your schedule. Each month gets its own spacious row and weekends are clearly marked—because who doesn’t love their Saturday sleep-ins?

The artistic details

Moving beyond utility, we can't ignore the stunning visuals on display here. When it comes to beautifying spaces while keeping us organised—the A1 Landscape 2024 Wall Planner is where it’s at.

A backdrop featuring soft hues plays host to vibrant wildflowers—an aesthetic feast guaranteed to bring joy throughout the year. This wall planner isn't just about dates—it's about creating a workspace that inspires.

Where or how to use?

So, where does this piece fit best? It's versatile enough to add charm and functionality anywhere—from home offices to communal spaces at work. It’s an ideal choice for anyone wanting more from their calendar than just date tracking.

To wrap up, the A1 Landscape 2024 Wall Planner is both practical and beautiful—a perfect blend of form and function.

Comparing Notely's A2 Portrait and A1 Landscape 2024 Wall Planners

If you're like me, then a wall planner is your lifeline to staying organised. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide which is the best 2024 wall planners for you. Let's take a closer look at two of our favourites: the A2 Portrait 2024 Wall Planner and the A1 Landscape 2024 Wall Planner.

Which size suits you best?

The first thing that stands out between these two planners is their size difference. The A2 Portrait planner is suitable for your fridge, bedroom or office door.

In contrast, the A1 Landscape planner looks great on your office, as your kitchen calendar or on your study wall. It offers a larger area to plan and write key dates and events for busy households or offices.

Deciding between the two

If you're asking me to pick favourites, I'd say it's like choosing between chocolate and vanilla - both are delightful in their own ways. Ultimately though, your choice depends on available space and how detailed you need your planner to be.

The A2 Portrait is an excellent compact option while the A1 Landscape offers more room for detailed planning for the entire year.

How to choose your ideal 2024 Wall Planner

Choosing the perfect wall planner can be a bit like picking out an outfit. Deciding on the ideal wall planner is much like choosing an outfit – size, style and how it fits into your area are all critical factors.

The Size Matters:

Figuring out what size you need is your starting point. Notely offers two main sizes for our 2024 wall planners: A1 Landscape and A2 Portrait. If you've got a smaller workspace or prefer something more compact, then the A2 Portrait option might suit best. For those with larger walls or who love seeing their year sprawled out in front of them, consider our bigger A1 Landscape planner.

Pick Your Style:

We understand that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to aesthetics. That’s why this year's Wildflowers Collection features stunning floral art by Notely founder Jenica Smith on both versions of our calendars.

Suitability for different spaces:

In terms of fitting into your environment - think about where you'll hang it up and if there are any colour schemes or themes already present in that room. The field-of-flowers theme brings nature indoors and adds vibrancy to any space.

Making use of your Wall Planner:

Lastly, remember that a wall planner is not just an aesthetic piece – it's a tool for organisation. So, consider your planning style and needs. Do you need to jot down lots of notes? If so, the larger A1 Landscape might be better suited.

Choosing your ideal 2024 Wall Planner can be as simple as sizing up your space, picking a design you love and considering how you'll use it day-to-day.

Tips for making the most out of your 2024 Wall Planner

Getting organised is a breeze with our A2 Portrait 2024 Wall Planner and A1 Landscape 2024 Wall Planner. Make your wall planner work hard for you. Read our article with 6 simple tips to set-up your wall planner, get organised and thrive.

Prioritise visibility

Your wall planner needs to be in plain sight. That’s why choosing the right spot is essential. A place where it grabs your attention daily, like near your desk or kitchen bench, would be ideal.

Add colour coding to your routine

The simple act of colour coding makes a big difference. Use different coloured markers for various tasks - red for deadlines, blue for birthdays or green for holidays maybe? It’ll help separate work from play and give an instant snapshot of what lies ahead. The weekends are shades so you can make weekend plans at a glance.

Befriend sticky notes or erasable pens

If plans change often (and let’s face it – they do), use sticky notes on your planner. They're easy to move around and won't leave any permanent marks behind. Or, use erasable pens to be able to rub out and re-write – we know plans can change!

Include everyone in your plans

If you share space with others, include their schedules too. It'll ensure everyone knows what's going on and avoid double bookings.

Remember, a wall planner isn't just about tasks and deadlines; it's also about balance.

Making use of your wall planner

Bring a touch of the outdoors into your office or home. They're a stylish way to keep track of important dates and events throughout 2024, while also adding a touch of beauty to any space.

The impact of artistic wall planners on workspace aesthetics

When considering your workspace, it's not just somewhere to do work; it is a representation of yourself and what motivates you. Beyond being a place of work, your workspace is an expression of yourself and the things that drive you. An artistically designed wall planner, like those from Notely's Wildflowers Collection, does much more than keep track of dates – it breathes life into your space.

Aesthetics matter because they influence our mood and productivity. A vibrant piece such as the 2024 Wall Planner with its stunning field-of-flowers painting by Jenica Smith can infuse positivity into an otherwise mundane day at work.

Your surroundings play a big part in how motivated or inspired you feel during the day. So when choosing elements for your workspace, make sure they align with what makes you happy and productive.

Beyond function: The aesthetic appeal of wall planners

A well-designed planner goes beyond functionality—it becomes an integral element that contributes to the overall ambience of your workplace environment. But why?

First off, humans are naturally drawn towards beauty—our brains respond positively to visually pleasing stimuli. So, having your wall planner near your desk or fridge, can help to remind you of goals or dates you're working towards. It's a beautiful reminder to stay on track! If you're in need of inspiration towards setting goals, check out this article where we share a few tips to flip your fears and start smashing goals.

In addition, featuring artwork within office tools brings out individuality whilst promoting creative thinking—a key aspect in most professions today. The charming wildflower designs can spark joy every time we glance over deadlines or upcoming events which could be beneficial, especially on stressful days.

Unleashing your creative spirit with Notely's Wall Planners

The vibrant wildflower design on the 2024 wall planners is a testament to Notely’s commitment towards creativity and sustainability. It serves as a daily reminder of nature's beauty, urging us to protect it.

And what could be more inspiring than knowing that by choosing these eco-friendly stationery products, you are doing good by replanting our planet one note at a time?

Aesthetic appeal combined with practicality – this pretty much sums up why an artistic wall planner can transform any workspace into an oasis of productivity and inspiration.

2024 Yearly Wall Planners by NotelyWildflowers for your wall in 2024!

We hope you love our new collection. We think it's our best 2024 wall planners range yet! It's now up to you, which size best suits your space - the A2 Portrait or A1 Landscape?

The right planner can do more than keep track of dates; it’s a piece of art that sparks creativity!

So get one up on your wall! Start organising in style with Notely's 2024 Wall Planners.