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The topic of sustainable stationery is as vast as it is exciting and innovating. Well, we think so and so do heaps of our customers.

To ensure you get your burning questions answered as quickly as possible, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions, and answered them right here.

So, if you’re hungry for knowledge, dive right in! 

If you can’t find the answer to your query below, please do get in touch.

What kind of paper are the Notely notebooks made from?

We have searched high and low for a paper that has fantastic environmental credentials across all weights. This means that both our inside pages and outside covers are 100% post consumer waste. The paper is FSC certified 100% recycled paper. The paper is also 100% carbon neutral and 100% process chlorine free (PCF). The environmental credential logos for each Notely can be found on the inside back cover.

What is FSC?

Our Notely notebook paper is independently certified against the Forest Stewardship Council® standards.

What are the Notely Essentials?

Available in a range of stunning block colours to suit your mood, our Notely Essentials range  is designed to fit seamlessly into your life (and your bag or pocket). They’re easy to carry wherever you go, so you’re always prepared when inspiration strikes!

What is the Artist Collection?

We love to support local artists and illustrators through regular collaboration. In this carefully curated collection, we introduce new artists to the Notely family, while also adding to existing pieces in the collection from previous artists we’ve worked with. 

With such a wide variety of talent on display you’re sure to find a series to inspire and delight.

Where are the products made?

Notely is designed, printed and bound in Brisbane, Australia.

What does the Archival symbol mean on the inside back cover of my Notely?

The archival symbol means that the paper has been tested to international standards for permanence. Put simply, archival quality paper is permanent, durable, acid-free paper that can be expected to last more than 100 years.

What does Process Chlorine Free (PCF) mean?

PCF means the recycled fibres have not been re-bleached with any chlorine-based bleach. So, the paper has fantastic eco credentials.

What weight is the paper stock?

The outside cover of each notebook ranges from 270-380gsm and the inside pages are 100gsm. Even using an ink pen, there isn’t much show through on our inside pages. So, our stationery offers the perfect surface for sketching and doodling!

Will my Notely be easily scuffed?

Since our Notelys are made from recycled office waste, and not virgin fibres, the paper is on the softer side. So, just like your favourite pair of jeans, a well-loved Notely might show some wear – particularly with on-the-go use in your bag or pocket. But we like to think this adds character.

How has the environment been considered in the production process?

All Notelys are printed ethically in Australia. Where possible, we also print our product tags on the same sheets as our covers to ensure minimum waste of the sheets during printing.

The printer has a 3-tick Sustainable Green Print accreditation, which is the Australian printing industry’s own recognisable certification program designed to allow printing companies meet their environmental responsibilities and go above and beyond compliance.

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