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Collaborating & Celebrating Australian Artists

We love collaborating with clever creative people. There’s a wealth of creative talent in Australia and we believe it deserves to be celebrated!

Since Notely began back in 2014, we’ve been collaborating with some of our favourite contemporary artists to create notebooks, journals, wall planners and more – helping make beautiful art more accessible and sharing new talent with our community of stationery lovers.

As an artist and designer herself, fostering this sense of collaboration and connection is a key reason founder Jenica Smith started Notely. We think there’s something truly magical about joining forces with others, and look forward to many more Artist Collections in the future.

Let's Meet the Artists…

Alex Louisa

Brisbane, QLD

Brisbane-based Alex Louisa graduated with a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing before the need to create firmly pulled her attention back to her art. Endlessly inspired by nature, she loves to pair highly detailed subjects next to unexpected backgrounds, such as splashy abstracts, experimental textures, crisp geometric patterns or the sheer beauty of untouched woodgrain. 

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Alex Louisa fine artist in her creative studio
Alex Louisa feather designs for Notely notebooks

Anna Manolatos (aka SIRMANO)

Brisbane, QLD

Sirmano is the alias of Anna Manolatos, a Brisbane artist and illustrator who has been creating playful illustrations working with paint, wood and mixed media since her hands could pick up a pencil. Anna is renowned for her vibrant, beautiful and uplifting paintings and large-scale murals inspired by her love of travel and culture.

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Anna Manolatos designer and illustrator in her studio
Notely Anna Manolatos notebook designs

Jack Tierney

Brisbane, QLD

Illustrator, art director and designer Jack Tierney works under the name Listen to the Graphics and focuses on creative direction for the music, arts and entertainment industries. His bold, striking work can be found across a range of album covers, gig posters and branding.

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Jack Tierney in Brisbane Studio
Bottlebrush Notely notebooks by Jenica Smith

Jenica Smith

Brisbane, QLD

As the Founder and Chief Designer at Notely, Jenica loves to get making and creating in her Brisbane creative studio. Her love of bush walking inspires her work bringing many native florals and botanical designs into the range. 

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Jenica Smith in her Brisbane Creative Studio
Bottlebrush Notely notebooks by Jenica Smith

Maia Green

Gold Coast, QLD

Influenced by the Australian landscape, colours and textures of the natural environment, Maia's work is layered with nostalgia. The lovely, leafy textures reflect the coastal and hinterland landscapes of where she grew up in northern NSW and now lives in Currumbin.

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Maia Green in her Gold Coast creative studio
2023 Wall Planners featuring artwork by Maia Green

Marni Stuart

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Marni Stuart is a surface pattern designer and design lecturer based on the Sunshine Coast. Her textured, organic work is inspired by walks through the bushland near her home and celebrates the beautiful wildflowers found in the area. Her practice is deeply embedded in experimentation and creativity.

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Marni Stuart Textile Designer drawing with artist print scarves
Notely Floral Journal by Marni Stuart

Sara Turner

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Artist and designer Sara Turner’s lush botanical and floral designs are inspired by her natural surroundings on the Sunshine Coast. Formerly a graphic designer in the corporate world, Sara now creates a range of beautiful, affordable prints, papercuts and cards that aim to brighten up any home.  

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Sara Turner designer in her creative studio
Notely Floral Journal by Marni Stuart

Sophie Gilmore

London, UK

Children’s book author and illustrator Sophie Gilmore creates beautifully delicate watercolour illustrations in earthy, muted tones. Inspired by the natural world and dreams of adventures with animal friends, London-based Sophie’s books often feature adventure, a hint of danger, and more than a little bit of courage when it’s needed the most. 

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Marni Stuart Textile Designer drawing with artist print scarves
Notely Botanical Journal by Sophie Gilmore

Thom Stuart

Sunshine Coast, QLD

A painter based on the Sunshine Coast, Thom Stuart’s work references a mix of botanical motifs, found marks and surface textures in both natural and artificial colour scapes, creating a language that reflects the contemporary Australian landscape.

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Marni Stuart Textile Designer drawing with artist print scarves
Thom Stuart mixed media artwork for Notely notebooks

Tiffany Atkin

Brisbane, QLD

Tiffany Atkin is a multidisciplinary creative based in Brisbane who loves designing eye-catching visuals for small creative businesses. When she’s not dreaming up artwork for clients, you'll find her latte-ing at a local cafe, designing fun accessories over at Shibuya Moon, making music or attempting to pat all the dogs in town. 

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Tiffany Atkin Brisbane designer and illustrator
Fern Fancy Collection by Tiffany Atkin

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