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Digital detox: The benefits of putting pen to paper

With just a couple of weeks left before the hustle of 2024 really begins, now is the perfect time to go on a digital detox and embrace the many benefits of sustainably sourced paper-based stationery and wall planners.

In this article, we’re going to explore a few of the many benefits of paper-based wall planners, and find out why an increasing number of people are embracing these “analogue” yearly planners in a digital world.

The importance of taking a digital detox

While digital technology has done much to advance the human race, e.g., keeping us connected with family and friends and making it easy for us to respond in emergencies, it has also placed a world of distractions quite literally at our fingertips. With a simple tap, we can become engrossed in a multitude of reels, videos, posts and stories – all of which, while mildly entertaining, do little or nothing to get us closer to achieving our goals.

In his book, Stolen Focus, Why You Can’t Pay Attention, Johann Hari explains how important it is for us to steer clear of distractions, and focus on what truly matters in order to achieve our dreams. 

As Hari so poetically puts it, “In a sea of distractions, focus becomes your compass, guiding you towards your desired destination.” He goes on to say, “focus is not just about what you do; it is also about what you choose not to do.”

So, if you’d like to sharpen your focus and make 2024 your year, take a moment to slow things down, enjoy a break from technology, and discover the benefits of planning your year with our sensational A1and A2 wildflower wall planners


Benefits of sustainable paper-based wall planners


Screens and virtual interactions have their appeal, but they simply cannot replace the comfort and tangibility of paper-based stationery and wall planners

The tactile and sensory appeal of stationery products, whether notebooks, journals, or yearly planners,  provides a satisfying experience that digital devices simply can’t replicate. From the smooth glide of a pen on paper to the satisfying flip of a page, there's a tangible connection provided by paper-based stationery that we find incredibly grounding – especially in an increasingly virtual world.


Collectively, we’re becoming increasingly mindful of our impact on the world around us and can no longer ignore the devastating ecological effects of electronic waste. 

Notely’s sustainable yearly wall planners, notebooks, cards and journals are all  made from FSC-certified eco-friendly sources and recycled materials. 

In fact, our wall planners are made from 100% post-consumer waste, using no virgin tree fibres. Our manufacturing process is chlorine-free and our paper is acid-free ensuring archival life. The fibre source has been independently certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and printing is done with soy-based inks right here in Brisbane, Australia. Even the timber frames for our wall planners are made from recycled wood!

So, by using one of our A1and A2 wall planners you’ll be able to set your year up for success, while still being kind to the environment. 

Minimising distractions

How easy is it, once you’ve unlocked your phone, to get sucked down the rabbit hole that is the digital world. You start out “just quickly checking something on your online calendar” and end up being distracted by social media, games and the Internet. 

Isn’t it amazing how often something that should’ve taken two seconds, can turn into hours of scrolling? And…

When you finally snap out of your digital trance, you’re left feeling kinda dazed and totally unsure of what you were supposed to be doing in the first place. If you’re like most of us, this happens more than we care to admit.

Now imagine how much more efficient it would be to simply walk up to your beautiful sustainable paper-based 2024 wall planner, quickly pencil that important event into the correct date, and get on with your day.

Reducing screen time

We’re always trying to get our kids to take time away from their devices, but what about our own screen time? Digital devices hold us enthral for hours at a time, and too much screen time can be detrimental to our mental and physical health. Plus, studies show that adults who model lower screen usage have more control over their children’s screen time than parents who are high screen users themselves.

Using a paper-based yearly planner to map out your family’s goals, activities and engagements for the year provides a welcome relief from the screen. Plus, by setting up a weekly planning meeting where the whole family can get involved in the planning process, you’ll be strengthening family ties, encouraging buy-in, and growing healthy relationships.

Mental wellbeing

The constant buzz of digital life with its incessant barrage of notifications, takes a toll on your mental wellbeing. A digital detox helps you to reconnect with the physical world.

With our gorgeous wildflower-inspired sustainable wall planners, you’ll be able to take a break from the digital noise to soak up the serenity of  a field of beautiful blooms bobbing in the breeze. Rediscover a sense of peace and mental wellbeing that will help you see things clearly and plan your year with delight and optimism.


Using a paper-based yearly planner to map out your year encourages mindfulness as we take time to craft each letter with care. Being mindful as you record the events and milestones you’re aiming for this year, will help you to be more fully committed to doing the work required to achieve your goals.

Enhancing focus  

The deliberate and intentional act of putting pen to paper when planning your year on a physical wall planner enhances your ability to focus and reflect on the plans and goals you’re putting in place. 

This increased focus helps you to set SMART goals (i.e. goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based) rather than setting unrealistic goals and overcommitting because you are not fully involved in the process. 

A deeper connection 

The act of writing on paper engages different cognitive processes than typing on a keyboard, stimulating areas such as language, memory and motor skills. When you write down your plans on a yearly planner, you experience a deeper connection to the ideas you’re expressing. This increases your ability to understand, recall and connect with your goals for the year. 

Aesthetic appeal

Physical wall planners can complement the ambiance of just about any room in your home. For example, our wildflowers collection of wall planners, created by Australian artist and Notely founder Jenica Smith, is a celebration of the colour and joy blooms bring to our lives. 

Inspired by vibrant fields of flowers, and designed with functionality in mind, these versatile A1 Landscape and A2 Portrait wall plannerswill fill your home with fresh vibrant energy.

The A1 Landscape Planner is ideal for larger spaces such as home office or study walls, while our compact A2 Portrait Planner with its vertical layout is great for use on pantry, bedroom or bathroom doors. 

Wherever you hang your Notely wildflower yearly planner, you’ll be reminded of a fragrant spring meadow where a kaleidoscope of blooms sways in the breeze! 

Personalisation & creativity 

While digital tools often confine us to predefined templates and structures, sustainable stationery allows for personalisation and creativity. 

Paper-based yearly planners, such as Notley’s stylish and functional 2024 wall planners, are not just great organisational tools, but also outlets for self-expression. 

Our A1 wall planners are big enough to deliver an overview of the whole family’s activities, and our A2 wall planners are ideal for each family member to plan their year. 

 Adding stickers, sparkles, colour-coding, and inspirational quotes will bring your yearly planner to life. Allowing each member of the family the freedom to design and structure their own yearly wall planners and work collectively to customise the family wall planner, fosters a sense of ownership over time and goals. 

Supporting local artists

By choosing to purchase a paper-based wall planner from Notely instead of relying on a digital calendar, you’ll be supporting local Australian artists.

Our artists’ collection includes Anna Manolatos A5 notebooks, Sara Turner’s A4 notebooks, and our Wildflowers A1and A2 wall planners, amongst other gorgeous designs all lovingly crafted by local Australian artists

Nostalgia & timeless appeal

There is a certain nostalgia and timeless appeal associated with paper-based stationery – the scent of a new notebook, the sound of turning journal pages, the crisp, smooth surface of a brand new wall planner

This strong feeling of attachment reminds and reconnects us to simpler times. Notely’s wildflower 2024 wall planners, with their classic floral design, evoke a sense of the enduring beauty of nature in the face of ever-changing digital landscapes.

Wall Planners as anchors of organisation 

In the quest for a more organised life, individuals and families are turning to the simplicity and effectiveness of sustainable paper-based wall planners

Unlike digital calendars that can become buried in a sea of applications on your phone, your wildflower wall planner serves as a constant visual reminder – with the added bonus of being incredibly attractive. 

Combining art and functionality, your yearly planner provides a tangible, centralised space where all your plans, goals, and commitments are visible at a glance. In this way, a physical yearly planner makes it easy for you to take a more intentional and organised approach to life.

Be the change…

In a world captivated by the digital dance, the counterculture movement away from screens and towards sustainable stationery and wall planners symbolises a yearning for balance and authenticity. This growing trend is not a rejection of technology, but a harmonious integration of analogue practices into the digital fabric of our lives. 

By choosing to use sustainable stationery and wall planners, you’re reclaiming your autonomy over time, reducing your environmental impact, and fostering a more intentional and mindful way of living.

Make 2024 your time to bloom with a Notely Wildflowers Wall Planner

Simply, unplug, destress, and get ready to make this year the best one yet with one of our A1 wall planners or A2 wall planners. And at the same time, help us achieve our goal of replanting the planet. 

So far, Notely customers have helped us replant over 2000 trees and restore 400 square metres of Queensland rainforest. Your order today will help us in our mission to replant the planet. One tree is planted for every order through our partners at Reforest Now and One Tree Planted. And, when you place your third order with Notely, you’ll have funded the protection of two square metres of native rainforest with Rainforest Rescue