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The Curious Fairywren Collection with Alex Louisa

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Welcome to the Curious Fairywren Collection by Australian artist Alex Louisa. We're so excited to launch our collaboration for this year's feature artist collection pieces. Alex is now internationally renowned for her artwork and we feel so privileged to welcome her into the range. 

Alex has developed a unique style that beautifully marries fine details with raw textures. Whether it's in her enchanting Curious Fairywren Collection or her expressive still-lifes or  landscapes – it's always a delight to discover what she's working on. 

The artistic journey of Alex Louisa

Alex graduated from QUT's Bachelor of Creative Industries in the early 2000s and has now built a solid reputation as an Australian fine artist. From journalism, creative writing, and graphic design, she now weaves stories through her brush strokes and pastels. 

Brisbane-based Alex Louisa found her true calling in the intricate world of art where nature plays muse to her creations, providing an endless source of inspiration.

Alex's unique style features meticulously detailed subjects set against contrasting backdrops. Whether it be abstract splashes, textured experiments or the raw allure of untouched woodgrain – each element is chosen with care to enhance the main subject. Her blend of crisp geometric backgrounds with intricate, natural subjects, is unique and has developed into her signature style.

Alex Louisa's signature style

There's something enchanting about Alex Louisa’s artwork. She fuses the intricate details of nature with unexpected, backgrounds, creating a balance that is both bold and delicate.

Alex enjoys playing around with contrasts – pairing meticulously detailed subjects next to abstract splashes or mixed media textures. Sometimes she lets the sheer beauty of untouched woodgrain shine through as part of the art itself.

The result? A distinctive, contemporary art aesthetic that sets Alex apart from other artists. Her ability to depict fine details against contrasting backgrounds has become a trademark feature in all of her original art.

In every piece, you'll find traces of Louisa’s respect for nature. With feathers delicately layered in pastels or dreamy, her landscape paintings echo scenery from Australia and abroad.

Feathered notebooks by artist Alex Louisa

The Curious Fairywren Collection

Uncover the charm and allure of The Curious Fairywren collection – the full range includes a Set of 2 A5 notebooks, a DL tear-off pad, and Christmas cards and gift tags.

Feathers are said to be a symbol of spiritual ascension, peace, and wisdom, which makes us love the dancing feather artwork, paired with the delicate, and handsome fairywren. The range is made with 100% recycled paper too. Sustainable stationery made beautiful with artist-designs.

Spirit of the Australian fauna

Alex’s fine eye for detail brings alive Australia's native fairywrens in their whimsical charm and spirit across various stationery items. The cover designs feature ‘curious fairywren’ and ‘feather’ illustrations that strike a chord with bird lovers and those seeking a connection with nature. We're also a fan of her majestic barn owls.

Eco-Friendly Commitment

We commit to respecting nature not only in our artwork but also in our entire lineup. Each piece in this collection features FSC-certified, 100% recycled paper printing, aligning with Notely’s vision of sustainability.

This allows art enthusiasts to own a piece of Louisa’s world without harming ours. We actively seek the best sustainable options for our stationery and packaging, adding beauty to everyday life while being kinder to our planet.

Curious Fairywren notebooks by Alex Louisa

Curious Fairywren notebooks up close

Alex's love for nature shines through in her stunning 'curious fairywren' and 'feather' illustrations. These intricate designs adorn the covers of a pair of A5 Notely notebooks, adding an ethereal charm that speaks to our feathered friends' spirit and beauty.

The detail is incredible; you can almost hear the delicate fluttering of wings or feel their soft feathers under your fingertips. It's not just about aesthetics though – these notebooks are as kind to the planet as they are pleasing to the eye.

Made from FSC-certified 100% recycled paper, they align perfectly with Alex’s personal philosophy: appreciating nature while taking inspiration from it. But there’s more than meets the eye here; by choosing this eco-friendly stationery, you're helping replant Australia one note at a time – quite literally.

Alex's art isn't merely decoration; it tells a story about respect for Mother Nature and promotes sustainable living without compromising on style or quality. So when you jot down thoughts in these Notelys, remember: every stroke is a step towards preserving our precious environment.

Festive fairywren Christmas cards and gift tags by Alex Louisa

Festive fairywren cards and gift tags

Who said Christmas fairies need to be human? This year, let's shake things up with Alex Louisa's Superb Blue Fairywren Christmas cards. Sweet as a summer breeze, these charming creatures bring a uniquely Aussie touch to your festive greetings.

Crafted on FSC-certified 100% recycled card and printed right here in Brisbane, every card you send helps our planet breathe easier. Plus, each pack comes with ten recycled white envelopes.

Close up of Festive Fairywrens by Alex Louisa

If you want more of this feathered charm on your gifts this season, look no further than Alex’s delightful gift tags. Available in sets of six or twelve - perfect for all those last-minute gifts! Like her cards, these tags are made from 100% recycled materials making them an earth-conscious choice.

Still life and landscapes

Alex's talent isn't just limited to fairywrens. Her artistic style extends into painting captivating still lifes and landscapes, with her work gaining recognition both in Australia and overseas.

Inspired by nature, Alex often pairs highly detailed subjects against unexpected backgrounds - a splashy abstract here or an experimental texture there. The results are mesmerising compositions that invite viewers to appreciate not only the main subject but also the surrounding elements.

She doesn’t shy away from exploring different media either; you’ll find her works in pastel, oil paint, charcoal – even gold leaf. But no matter what she uses, one thing remains constant: Alex’s love for nature shines through every piece she creates. 

You can see it in how carefully she renders each petal on a flower or how meticulously she details foliage in her landscape pieces. Each stroke tells a story of appreciation for our world's beauty – making us stop to marvel at sights we might otherwise take for granted.

Her unique approach has led Alex Louisa to exhibit collections internationally - currently showcasing them across various venues in the USA. 

Connecting with Alex

Alex Louisa's art is truly captivating. Her distinctive style blends fine details with raw textures, resulting in pieces that tell stories and evoke emotions. 

To see in-depth behind-the-scenes of Alex's process, follow her on Instagram and purchase originals or prints of her flora and fauna at alexlouisa.com

We're so delighted to launch the Curious Fairywren Collection and welcome Alex into our family of artist collaborations. We hope you love the collection!