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Cup Notes featured in Nourish Magazine

  • 1 min read

Cup Notes gets noticed!

Nourish Magazine is the go-to source for all things wellness and mindful living. Whether you're seeking delicious, nutritious recipes, practical tips for self-care, or inspiring stories of personal growth, Nourish Magazine has you covered.

In the latest issue, Notely's Cup Notes were featured amongst a fab line of of "the good stuff" including The Base Collective's Magnesium Bath Salts and Seed & Sprout's Without Serum.

For penning the details of your weekend sojourns and mini-vacays, look no further than Notely’s new collection of Earth-friendly notebooks, with covers made from a mix of recycled coffee cups.

Nourish Magazine feature The Good Stuff including Notely's Cup Notes

See more about Notely's Cup Notes Collection or visit Nourish Magazine online.